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Emmet O’Quinn, second born son of the O’Quinn sons is known far and wide as a playboy. After some shocking news, he knows he needs to put that behavior behind him if he has any chance at a bright, though scary, future. Happy with how he has been able to abstain, he starts to become more and more comfortable with his new identity. That is, until someone from his past shows up out of the blue and long buried feelings begin to surface.

Mara McGrath is running from someone in her past and time is running out. She left London for her home in Ireland only to realize the threat is still near. Pursuing her singing career, she accepts a position in the south of Ireland but a chance meeting with Emmet O’Quinn, her sister’s ex-fiancé, stirs feelings she has believes she has no right to have. Ever since she was a little girl, Emmet was the unattainable idea of a man. When he and her sister broke up her ideal persona of what a man was supposed to be was shattered, that is until she was faced with true evil.

Can she give in to the feelings surrounding her and put his life in danger? Can she trust her new-found freedom and life to a man who hurt her big sister? One thing is certain, she never expected her life to begin anew when she went across the Irish Sea.

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Love Among the Shamrocks Collection

Book Two

Across the Irish Sea