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In this third and final installment of the Greene and Shields files, Jon and Courtney find themselves embroiled in espionage, mafia, and revenge. Rob had a final piece to play last month and the Black Queen has finally come forward. Negotiating a deal with three mafia heads, the Black Queen’s revenge is nearly complete but one thing stands in her way… Jonathan Greene. His death would be the unifier needed to finalize the agreement.

Meanwhile Jon and Courtney follow the leads to Minneapolis where a familiar face warns them to let sleeping dogs lie. Ignoring the advice, they work together to discover who is behind the death of a prominent judge. Working against the government’s secret organizations, friends, and the clock, Greene and Shields attempt to unravel the web and solve this case once and for all. However, Jon’s old sins come back to haunt him. And some things that should have remained hidden are brought to light.

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The Greene and Shields Files:

Old Sins Cast Long Shadows