Marrock, Alpha of the Aberlyall Wolf Pack, rules with an iron fist. Inheriting the title after his father's sudden and brutal death in battle with shape-shifting druids, Marrock attempts to fill his beloved role.

Marriage and siring an heir is last on his mind but when he is bested in the arena by the beautiful and dynamic Mabh, for the first time, his heart leads his head.

But when battle looms before them, can they trust everyone in their pack? Or is someone seeking to destroy them from within?

Legend has it, that before the Romans invaded Britannia in 55 B.C. the people of that land roamed wild and free. Once the Roman legionnaires pushed back the wild and untamed Celts, they built a wall; Antonine’s Wall. It was once magnificent, once imposing… trust me, I was there, I saw it.

But was it the humans they feared… or us? There are so few of us left. But under the Hunter’s Moon, we lived and we died and this is the story of both.

In this third and final installment of the Greene and Shields files, Jon and Courtney find themselves embroiled in espionage, mafia, and revenge. Rob had a final piece to play last month and the Black Queen has finally come forward. Negotiating a deal with three mafia heads, the Black Queen’s revenge is nearly complete but one thing stands in her way… Jonathan Greene. His death would be the unifier needed to finalize the agreement.

Meanwhile Jon and Courtney follow the leads to Minneapolis where a familiar face warns them to let sleeping dogs lie. Ignoring the advice, they work together to discover who is behind the death of a prominent judge. Working against the government’s secret organizations, friends, and the clock, Greene and Shields attempt to unravel the web and solve this case once and for all. However, Jon’s old sins come back to haunt him. And some things that should have remained hidden are brought to light.

Nikki Thompson, bestselling mystery writer, is suffering from the worst writer’s block of her life after her boyfriend of five years tells her he never loved her. Heartbroken, she accepts an invitation to the 10th Annual League of Extraordinary Writers Authors’ Retreat just north of Edinburgh, Scotland. The accommodations are something out of a fairy tale and the ghost is complimentary.

Fearsome MacPherson, a Scottish Laird from the eighteenth century, roams the halls of Castle MacCulloch looking for the Highland Pride, something stolen from his family centuries before. Juggling her desire for a fresh start and her growing need to help the Scottish ghost, who seems to appear only to her, Nikki enlists the help of Ross Sutherland, a mysterious Scot who has secrets of his own.

Follow Nikki’s journey as she and Ross attempt to find the Pride and lay their ghosts to rest.

The Alpha Couple is a thing of myth and legend... Alasdair MacConchor is journeying back to his Highland home after years fighting Shapeshifting Druids in Erin. Hating the demons who killed his father, Alasdair and his brothers move quickly through Druid lands, but an unexpected runaway makes them reconsider their dislike of Druids.

Deena ran from her father’s grove after he demanded she marry a man who always scared her. Lucien, the Dark Druid of the grove, helped her escape before anyone realized they did not marry in truth. Racing through the wind, rain and thistle patches of Scotland, she meets three Highlanders and their pet wolf. With her father close behind them, Deena and Alasdair must decide, do they defy the gods will or will they forever be star crossed?




After the events in March, IMPD partners; Lieutenant Jonathan Greene and Detective Courtney Shields know they cannot stop until they find the man Aeron named before he died. But when a series of murders, which look vaguely like ritual killings directly out of Edgar Allan Poe’s works, take place, Courtney and Jon know they are dealing with the same madman as before and they are no closer to figuring out his true identity. The only thing they have to go on is a name; Rob.

Past Present and Future collide when they realize that the man guiding Aeron a month ago, and the one pulling the strings this time, is not finished yet and he is setting his sights on someone close to Jon. CIA Special Agent Steven Anderson joins them and together they use Poe’s works to find a killer.

Ripping open old wounds and reopening the cold case of Jon’s dead wife; Carol, seems like the only way to figure out what this man wants. But when the case becomes far too personal, Jon is faced with his worst nightmare that again threatens to take someone he loves. 


Nessa Alexander carries a deadly secret, one that haunts her dreams and stalks her reality. Attempting to run from her demons, she joins her Irish best friend, Keera on her trip back home.
But when Ness meets Keera's family; the O'Quinns, and specifically Keera's cousin, Sean, she gets more than she bargains for.

Sean O'Quinn's life is perfect. He has the family, the fiancée and the future that anyone would kill for. There is only one problem, he's not happy and the attraction he feels towards the troubled American could get him killed.

When her enemy resurfaces, Ness has to choose to either run or tell Sean her most deadly secret and put him in danger.

Can she trust her Irishman? Or is she better off on her own?

Death is waiting under the Irish sky


Sherlock Holmes, London’s most celebrated consulting detective, is, by all accounts, a very difficult man to live with. His longtime companion, Dr. John Watson must be one of the most patient men alive. As the two bicker one day regarding Watson’s write up of their previous case, Holmes refuses Watson’s invitation to join him that evening for some… otherworldly entertainment.

Renowned clairvoyant and illusionist, Pierre Bastion is the last person Holmes wants to see that evening. Only when the clairvoyant turns his attention to Sherlock Holmes do things become intriguing. Bastion’s little deductions makes Holmes suddenly agitated and in a state that Watson has never seen.

When a string of horrific murders, linked to the Boxer Rebellion in China, has Scotland Yard in a tizzy, Sherlock Holmes is in the midst of it all. Knowing his friend is holding a great secret, Watson vows to help in any way he can. That means keeping the most earth shattering news about the great detective quiet. As a deadly foe once more appears in his life, Sherlock is joined by some unique characters and the perceived history of Sherlock Holmes is put to the test.

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IMPD Lieutenant and Vietnam Veteran, Jonathan Greene is set in his ways. His new partner and rookie, Courtney Shields will only get in his way. They quickly butt heads and struggle to find common ground. But after a surprise joint venture, staring as the two main characters in a community musical, the two form a bond that will quickly be of infinite value.

Jon's past resurfaces into the present and his friends and family become the targets of serious threats. With Jon's loved ones in danger, he will do anything to protect them. Dodging danger and hostility along the way, Jon and Courtney will stop at nothing to discover who is behind this. After all Blood is Thicker Than Water.


After their transition into immortality, Tristan and his pack escape Wolf's Bane Field and head north into Sutherland Land. Adding Members to their wandering family, the small group seek shelter and alliance with the much larger human clan to the north. Though the Sutherland clan appear normal, Weylyn, Tristan and Aedan suspect there is more to them than meets the eye.

After losing one of their members, the pack heads toward Skye to begin their life anew. Battling the elements, animals, and a new enemy along the way, the Loch Alsh Pack quickly realize new alliances, though tenuous and suspicious, could be their last chance of survival. And a mysterious druid creates a unique bond with a pack member that might save them all.